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Westfield residents who want to feel younger and age better now have a new gym for personal training. If you have been looking for an intimate gym that specializes in fitness for older adults, then Active Life Fitness of Garwood is the place for you.

Many local health clubs and fitness centers do not adequately address the wants and needs of the older adult. In these youth-oriented clubs you typically find loud and offensive music, inexperienced personal trainers, fellow members wearing inappropriate gym attire, and programs that preach "no pain, no gain."

The median age in Westfield is 41 years old and 5% higher than the rest of New Jersey and 39% of the residents are between 45 and 85 years old. Many from this group stay active with many local tennis and golf clubs in the area. Some thrive in adult basketball and hockey leagues. Others can be seen jogging or biking around town or in Tamaques Park.

As We Age

Unfortunately many stop their favorite activities as they age because of the loss of strength, flexibility, and balance. People begin to notice, usually in their 40's, that they cannot do the things they used to be able to do. The way to be able to stay active for as long as you want, is to follow an exercise program that will allow you to maintain or even improve your performance in all activities.

Not all personal trainers know how to train the older adult. We have been doing it for over 15 years and we are now the only gym in the Westfield area and Union County whose owners are certified Functional Aging Specialists.

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Personal Trainers

Working with our personal trainers who understand the aging process and the needs of the older adult you will:

At Active Life Fitness We Understand...

Almost half of our members are Westfield residents. Here is a case study of one of our clients.

Westfield Case Study

Gwen, a Westfield resident and mother of 2 college aged children, decided that it was time to finally take care of Gwen! She had spent the past 20 years devoted to her children, working full time, and taking care of the household. When she was looking for a local gym to join, she found many "big box" health clubs in the area. She tried one club for a couple of months only to find it wasn't for her. She joined another soon thereafter, only to find it wasn't much different.

What she found was the clubs seemed more interested in showing her the features of the club in order to sell her a membership. Getting results, it seemed to her, was not on their list of priorities. They didn't take the time to find out what SHE wanted. They didn't make her feel like a valued customer and when she missed 3 weeks due to illness, nobody seemed to notice or care that she was gone.

Gwen came to us through the urging of her friend who has trained with us for years. She was impressed by the fact that the first time she called, we spent 10 minutes on the phone talking about HER, and not the gym. When she came in for her Strategy Session, she was able to elaborate on HER goals, HER motivation, HER challenges, HER exercise experience and HER health history. She remarked that at the health clubs she visited, the slick salesperson only spoke about the CLUB for the first 20 minutes. What she did learn about ALF, is that we cared about her success and that we knew how to help her achieve it.

Gwen has reached her initial goal of dropping 2 sizes. She has committed to her success and is determined to always feel younger and to age better!

Need more reasons to call us? Read reviews from some of your Westfield neighbors...

Westfield Personal Training Reviews

Active Life Fitness Personal Trainers & Gym

Active Life Fitness Personal Trainers & Gym - Rated 5/5 based on 12 customer reviews.
Personal Trainer Review

A Total Mind / Body Experience!

Personal Training Review

I love how I feel after a workout when those endorphins kick in! It's definitely a mind/body experience. As a woman hitting 50 it's so important to me to have a strong body, especially a strong core which helps me with balance, and to maintain flexibility. Not only does muscle mass help burn calories but strength training helps me maintain strong bones helping fight osteoporosis.

Strength and cardio workouts are important to me for my overall health and well-being and I plan to train at Active Life Fitness for a long, long time.

Personal Trainer Review

Stronger & More Flexible!

Personal Training Review

I have always been a big walker - roughly four miles several times a week. However, I was neglecting my core. I knew for a while that I needed to add strengthening exercises into my routine. It was really just a matter of doing it.

I began noticing that I was losing balance putting on my socks. I had no trouble with one foot, but when I switched to the other, I found I had to lean on something. I saw this as a sign -- I needed to do more in order to stay fit as I age.

Time, cost, and not being a "gym-rat" type had prevented me from going to a gym and seeking the help of a trainer. Having known Kim for many years, I decided to meet with her to discuss my situation. I joined Active Life Fitness and have been very happy with my decision.

I am now shocked at how "into" my sessions I am! I didn't think I would enjoy it this much. The level of comfort with the setting and the excitement at improving -- holding positions longer or adding weight to my resistance exercises, for example -- have really surprised me.

I now feel like my joints have been oiled. I feel stronger. And, I no longer lean on anything to put on my socks.

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30 Day Jumpstart

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Small Group Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training

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1-on-1 Personal Training

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