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Feel Younger, Age Better with a Fitness Program Designed for Cranford Residents

If you live in Cranford and have wanted to feel younger and age better, then Active Life Fitness is here to help. About 50% of Cranford residents are age 40 and over and have been looking for a fitness experience that is different from typical large health clubs and small "crossfit" and "boot camp" type gyms. They want a facility that is clean and comfortable, where the music is not loud and offensive, whose clientele consists of hard working mature professionals, and where they get coaching and personal training from a team of personal trainers who are experts in fitness for older adults. In addition, they are seeking a challenging program with the proper progressions to ensure results and decrease the chance of injuries.

In fact, almost half of our current members are Cranford residents.

Personal Training Designed by Aging Specialist

Not all personal trainers know how to train the older adult. We have been doing it for over 15 years and we are now the only gym in Cranford and Union County whose owners are certified Functional Aging Specialists.

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Active Life Fitness Personal Trainers & Gym - Rated 5/5 based on 12 customer reviews.
Personal Trainer Review

I Dropped 20 Pounds and 3 Dress Sizes!

Personal Training Review

Between my regular workouts and a serious change in my eating habits, I've dropped 20 pounds and 3 dress sizes since May. I've got muscle tone where I want it, and even in places that I didn't know it could exist. Sometimes I worry that I'm getting a little over zealous (someone actually called me a "gym rat" last week) but as with everything else in life, we have to strive for a good balance. I Feel Amazing!

Personal Trainer Review

I Highly Recommend Active Life Fitness!

Personal Training Review

I have been training with Kim and Marty for a number of years. Both have been very thorough in their approach to training, especially keeping in mind a woman's strengths and abilities in general and also tailoring workouts to fit personal needs. I have seen a difference in my upper body strength, which has improve my performance in both tennis and golf. I also have reached my lightest weight in years, since I began training on a regular basis. I recommend both Kim and Marty at Active Life Fitness for your strength and fitness workouts.

Personal Training Review

Aches and Pains Are Gone!

Personal Training Review

I started working with Marty 6 months before I went to Peru to climb the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. I knew I needed some help to reach my goal. As the time went on, I not only lost weight but started to have more and more energy and just started feeling better in general. I am in my 60's and it feels great to get up in the morning and look forward to the day without aches and pains. One thing I really appreciate about working with Marty is that I have never injured myself during a training session. He always makes sure I am doing an exercise correctly, right down to the smallest detail. I know that if I were completely on my own, I'd be doing too much or too little and maybe doing exercises incorrectly and possibly just stop doing them. I successfully climbed the 30 miles of rocks to get to Machu Picchu and it was a great feeling. I know Marty was an integral part of my success. When Marty and Kim opened Active Life Fitness recently, I jumped at the chance to become a member, because in order to live an active life I need the support and expert direction that Active Life Fitness provides.

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