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Kim Musikant, Owner and Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer Kim Musikant

Success means something different for everyone. For Kim Musikant, it's helping her clients not only meet their fitness goals, but surpass them. "When people tell me they feel better since they started working out, or their clothes fit more comfortably, and they feel stronger and more confident, that makes me feel the most fulfilled."

Twelve years ago when Kim was started out in the fitness industry she was encouraged to write a personal mission statement, which was and still is to inspire, educate and empower people to achieve their goals for better health. Living by that motto has taken her from part-time fitness instructor at the Westfield Area Y, to full-time personal trainer and then business owner with her partner and husband, Marty Musikant.

Personal Trainer Review Mountainside


Personal Trainer Review

"I was lost working out on my own. I didn't have the knowledge to accomplish my goals. Kim created a program that targeted my problem areas (balance, core, upper and lower body strength). Not only does Kim have great training skills and knowledge, but she is very supportive, a great motivator and makes exercising enjoyable. I could not be happier or healthier."

-Jan Wojtkunski., 75
Mountainside, NJ 07092
Personal Training

Kim has helped both men and women reach beyond expectations and achieve their highest potential for their age. With her extensive knowledge of nutrition and exercise, Kim develops a targeted approach for each client. On the gym floor, she's meticulous about proper technique. She's also a natural motivator, inspiring her clients to believe in their abilities and to never stop striving toward their dreams. The results speak for themselves: Her clients often find they are capable of much more than they realized.

Kim models her fitness philosophy outside the gym, as well. A mother of three, she ran the New York City marathon in 2007 and 2008. She's an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys gardening, cycling, tennis and long walks. "Being fit carries over into every other area of your life," she says. "A healthy body equals a healthy mind and a healthy attitude toward life."

Kim's Fitness Certifications include:

Marty Musikant, Owner and Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer Marty Musikant

Since 1998, Marty Musikant has been a sought-out and respected fitness trainer known for his extensive work with a wide range of clients. Marty has trained hundreds of people ranging in age from 10 to 85 who have come to him with an array of health and fitness goals including fat and weight loss, increased strength, improved mobility and better general health.

Marty's approach to fitness is comprehensive. It's centered on the philosophy that there are many factors influencing true fitness, including proper nutrition, training and recovery. "No matter what the fitness goal, we have to make eating well, training hard and getting optimal rest our priorities," he says. "There are no shortcuts."

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Personal Trainer Review

"I am a 72 year old man who underwent cardiac bypass surgery in 2003. Exercise is a very important part of my life, both because I want to do it and because it is necessary for a healthy heart. I have been training weekly with Marty for 8+ years. He is always prepared with a session that is both challenging and appropriate for my age. Plus, he works with my form to ensure I'm getting the most out of my time spent in the gym. I highly recommend him."

-Steve B., age 72
Westfield, NJ 07090
Personal Training

Health and fitness always have played an important part in Marty's life. He was a competitive athlete in high school, excelling in both football and wrestling. Years later Marty combined his passion for wrestling and his desire to help kids by becoming a high school wrestling coach. During his five-year tenure, Marty honed his coaching skills, which remain a valuable asset to this day as a personal trainer.

Marty continues to challenge himself physically with intense workouts at the gym and by running sprints at the high school track. He also enjoys riding his bicycle, hiking with his family and playing an occasional game of tennis.

He continues to stay current with the latest fitness research and methodologies that allow him to provide the best results for clients and their many fitness needs and goals. "The study of the human body, especially with regard to fat loss, fitness, movement, and nutrition is forever evolving," he says. "It is essential for a fitness professional to always be learning in order to be effective."

Marty's Fitness certifications include: