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Active Life Fitness Program FAQs

How many people will I be training with?

You will train with up to 3 others.

Is everyone doing the same routine?

No. Each member has their own personalized program that they follow.

I'm new to fitness so I'm afraid I can't keep up with the group. Is this for me?

Everyone goes at their own pace as you will be doing a workout that meets your goals, your needs and your abilities.

What's the difference between your large group classes (Metabolic Conditioning and Complete Strength) and Semi-Private training?

The Semi-Private program is customized for you and there will be up to 4 members with one coach. The large group classes (2-15 members) are not programmed individually, but we do make adjustments for injury and ability.

Can I bring a guest?

Guests can attend one free large group class with the member. They must sign the gym waiver and fill out a medical questionnaire. Guests may not participate in a training session, but they can observe. If you have someone who is interested in a membership, we will schedule a Strategy Session with them to go over their goals and perform an assessment.

What is a Strategy Session?

During your Active Life Fitness Strategy Session we will learn about your health history, any past injuries, and your training history along with your specific goals. We will also take you through a range of motion and flexibility evaluation and the base of our blueprint - The Functional Movement Screen (FMS). During The FMS we will have you perform basic movements and we will find out exactly where your program should begin and what it should include to get you started right.

Can I buy a "session package" and use them whenever I want? I don't want to commit for a whole year.

In our experience, better results are gained when a commitment is made to a program as opposed to intermittent workouts. We've seen people "take a break" from training, only to return and have to start all over. We offer a 3 month agreement if that suits you better.

Why wait?

If you are searching for a workout program that makes you feel younger and age better, then sign up for our FREE, no obligation strategy session.

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